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Being Seen

Designing a great web page can be a lot of fun. It would be nice to share it with others, but they don't know about it... yet. If you want people to see your page, there's a bit more work to do.

Search Engines and Indexes

Every web page is found by using a web page address (also called the URL). Short, obvious URLs are very valuable. Let's consider a typical user who wants to try to get information about cars over the web. They would probably type something like www.cars.com. URLs like www.cars.com are very valuable because they are so obvious.

If you wanted to build a site about cars, you couldn't do it at www.cars.com, because it's already taken. So you might try www.usedcars.com. Taken. How about www.jalopies.com? Taken. These days you will probably have to put your page at something like www.joescarpage.com. Which does have a nice ring to it... if your name is Joe. All other people will most likely not try that URL when looking for car info. What Joe will have to do so that people can find his page is register his URL with a few search engines and indexes.

Learn about the major players: All About Engines and Indexes

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