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Recommended Ad Networks

These networks have a reputation for paying promptly.


Fastclick.com is a relative newcomer to the ad network field. They pay sites 65% of advertising revenues generated by their mix of CPC and CPM campaigns. One great feature is the extensive set of website stats that Fastclick provides. It beats most third-party click- and stats-counters. Another notable feature is the ability to opt out of any of the current campaigns. If any of the campaigns currently running don't fit your site, you can choose to omit their ads from the set of banners sent by Fastclick. Fastclick doesn't charge sites for their membership (aside from their cut of the advertising revenue), and they don't require an exclusive contract. You can try them out by adding their ads to your site's ad mix.

Payments from Fastclick can arrive via a mailed check or a deposit to a PayPal account. They promise to have an option for direct deposit to a bank account very soon.

What you need to join:

A fully-functioning website which:

  1. has its own domain name
  2. is hosted by a paid hosting service
  3. contains mostly original content, not chat or bulletin boards
  4. doesn't feature illegal, adult or objectionable content
  5. has room for a standard banner "above the fold"
  6. can provide 2,500 impressions per month

If your site meets these criteria, you will probably want to check Fastclick.com out.

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