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Getting Some Web Space

Free Web Space - A Good Place To Practice

Free space is available for users who don't mind having advertisements on their page. It's a good way to try out web design without having to shell out any cash. The drawbacks? You really do get what you paid for. The speed of the servers can be slow. Everybody who sees your site will know it's a free site, which can make a business-oriented site look penny-ante. If you want to bring your business to the web, shell out a few bucks a month, and rest easy knowing your paid web space won't let you or your customers down.

Free space providers:

  • Accounts get 15 Megabytes of space.
  • A library of add-ons like search boxes, guestbooks, feedback forms, etc. are available
  • Accounts start with 5 Megabytes of space, but can apply for more when they run short (max is 30)
  • Aimed at providing free hosting for small businesses who would like to build a web presence
  • Includes 35 Megabytes of storage space
  • Also offer free business email and outbound faxing
Willing to pay for added features and reliability? You'll want to see our Paid Web Hosting page.

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