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Lots of people are making money on the web. One way to do it is to build your site's traffic and advertise to your readers.

Fun With Web Advertisers

Web advertising can be relatively easy as long as your site plays by the rules. The easiest way to get started with advertising is to join an ad network. An ad network is a company that acts like an advertising broker for a large number of sites. It sells ad space to interested companies and then it displays the sold ads on a network of affiliated sites. It survives on the difference between the price it charges the advertisers and what it pays to members of its network. The important thing to keep in mind when dealing with ad networks is the fact that they are companies and their goal is to make money and stay in business. To do this, they have to develop a network of quality sites that will attract advertisers. They don't want to deal with sites that might discourage potential clients. This generally means no MP3s, no porn, no racist or hate-related sites, and no blatant infringement of copyright laws.

Ad networks are also interested in reaching the largest number of people with the least amount of effort. This means that if your site gets 3 visits a month and brings in one penny of ad revenue, they don't want to expend the effort generating a check and mailing it to you. It's too big of a hassle. As a result, the ad networks will generally have minimum traffic requirements. If you don't keep your traffic up, you may find yourself kicked off the network.

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